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At Kangjian Sanitaryware, we believe that a shower door is more than just a barrier—it’s a statement of luxury, functionality, and style.

As your bespoke glass shower door manufacturer, we pride ourselves on supplying certified tempered glass shower enclosures, designing and building modern and stylish shower spaces that elevate any bathroom.

AS/NZS 2208

Shop by Shower Door Types

More than 80 styles of standard shower doors and custom bathroom shower doors are accessible in Kangjian. We also specialize in building independent shower cabins with custom-made shower trays.

Sliding Shower Door

Space-saving, low-noise opening and closing. Functional door handles.

Walk-in Shower Enclosure

Simple and elegant design creates depth for the interior setting, and it will never go out of fashion.

Pivot Shower Door

All-round opening, 180°-360° rotation for inwards and outwards access. Ideal for easy entry and exit.

Hinged Shower Door

Classic 90°-180° swing from left or right. Perfect for corner shower enclosures.

Bath Shower Screen

Completely sealed sides for water resistance. Made from toughened glass for durability and safety.

Shower Cabin

Available in all shapes to fit any bathroom layout. Tailor-made shower trays to complement the design.

Shop by Shower Door Framed Types

Our shower doors come in a variety of styles, both frameless and framed, to suit any bathroom aesthetic.

Frame Shower Door

Provides robust support and a classic look. Available in various finishes and materials.

Frameless Shower Door

Offers a clean, minimalist appearance. Blends effortlessly with contemporary bathroom designs.

Shop by Glass Panel Sides

Choose from a range of glass panel configurations to create your ideal shower enclosure.

Single Panel Shower Enclosure

One panel for a minimalist look. Less glass to clean and maintain.

2-Side Shower Enclosure

Two panels create an open feel while containing splashes. Ideal for corner installations.

3-Side Shower Enclosure

Three panels for a fully enclosed shower experience. Tailor to fit various bathroom sizes and shapes.

Curved Shower Enclosure

Soft, rounded edges for a sophisticated look. Maximizes space in small bathrooms with a unique design.

Tailored Solutions Backed by R&D Support

We cater to several distinct customer groups (such as engineers & wholesalers) with precision, offering versatile solutions that align with your unique requirements. Our team of dedicated engineers and researchers is always ready to assist you in building the one-of-a-kind shower enclosures for your spaces. The prototyping is free of charge!

Excellence in Quality Control

To ensure that each finished shower door meets the highest quality standards before it reaches our customers, we subject it to a comprehensive series of tests. These tests encompass push and pull functionality, salt spray testing, impact resistance assessments, safety evaluations for toughened glass, load-bearing capacity trials, and thorough sealing tests. Our commitment to quality ensures your satisfaction.

Design & Build Precise Shower Space at One Stop

You dream it, we make it happen. Kangjian Sanitary is more than a manufacturer, we help you from designing to installation.
measuring and installing shower enclosures

Our Advantages

Professional Design Expertise

KJ Bath is dedicated to providing flexible and competitively priced customization options, as well as comprehensive project solutions. Whether you have specific project requirements or need support for large orders, we’ve got you covered. Your custom shower doors are meticulously designed by our R&D team, ensuring top-notch performance and aesthetics.

Swift Prototyping and Delivery

We have a team of professional engineers specialized in designing shower door products to your exact specifications. From prototype to samples, it takes just 7-15 days, and you can expect delivery within 20-25 days.

Stable Production Capacity

Our factory boasts state-of-the-art production equipment for standardized manufacturing. Currently, we have a monthly production capacity of up to 50,000 shower door sets.

Stringent Quality Control

From the selection of tempered glass for shower doors to the hardware accessories, we choose top-quality suppliers and manufacturers. Raw materials are inspected on-site upon arrival, and finished products undergo a series of quality tests before shipping.

Custom Shower Door Projects for Various Groups

KJ Bath offers tailor-made shower door solutions for engineers, wholesalers, and E-commerce clients. Our custom shower door projects cater to diverse groups, ensuring premium quality and personalized solutions for your specific needs.

For Engineers

For Wholesalers

For E-commerce Clients

Tempered Glass Storage Area

Your Trustworthy Shower Door Manufacturer Since 1999  

Practical Project Experience

We’ve so far worked with clients from more than 190 countries, such as north America, EU, etc. Hundreds of project experience, including home and commercial shower space design and installation, drive us to further and better understand our client’s needs.

Considerate Certifications & Tests

Considerate certifications for each of our products. Every shower door you receive has gone under stringent quality tests before sending to you. Growing R&D teams empower us with increasing patented techs.

Stable Supply Chain

Raw materials define the very quality from the beginning. A trustworthy and qualified supplier guarantees our long-term production, and our annual yield has reached 220,000+. Small or substantial orders can always be satisfied.

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Over 30 Brands Are Content with Our Work

Kangjian Sanitaryware has been engaged in hundreds of shower enclosure projects with clients from home and abroad,
individual businesses and large scale projects.