Case Study

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Case Study

Place : Mesa, U.S.
Project Duration (day) : 45 days
Shower Enclosure Quantity (set) : 227 sets
Shower Enclosure Types: frame shower door、frameless shower door、hinge shower door、shower base

US Wholesaler's First Order from Kangjian Sanitaryware

Mr.John comes from the US. He owns a store that sells building materials and has been doing this for years. To cut down a little on his expense, he shifted to a Chinese supplier, and that was how we became partners.

Since it was the first time that Mr.John made an order from a Chinese supplier, Kangjian Sanitaryware. It was understandable that Mr.John had concerns over his new partner.

We first explained to him in detail how this import and export worked. Then, we had a live video chat so that Mr.John could visit directly our hot-selling products, shower doors and shower trays, our production lines, and our teams. Mr.John was pleased to feel closer to us.

Further communication with Mr.John enlightened us. For Mr.John, quality and safety came first. We represented Mr.John with some related certifications such as SGCC to dispel his doubts once again. A deeper conversation bridged our cooperation eventually. Mr. John kept being updated with production details and he was quite delighted at our considerate service.

“I got to admit Kangjian Sanitaryware is a responsible supplier. They’re really patient with me and I’ve got the help I need. I’m lucky to meet a nice partner.”

Shower Doors Wholesaling in South America DIY Stores

Mr. William was a conventional businessman. He owned three DIY stores in North America. He partnered with a delivery agent in China. He was planning to add shower enclosures to his product lists.

The project took 55 days. There was a great variety of shower enclosures to choose from, and Mr. William was a bit confused. Our marketing experts did some research on his target market, and with his budget being known, we managed to recommend him the most suitable shower door models for him. Mr. William was happy with us.

Mr. William wanted to order in bulk from us, and with preferable prices. Times of negotiation accelerated our understanding of each other and promoted our cooperation. After a thorough inspection and careful trial assembly on the shower enclosures, we shipped the goods to Mr.William.

Not only did Kangjian Sanitaryware win a partner, but also Mr. William increased his potential profits. To better marketing in his area, we offered very detailed assistance, such as packaging design, product pictures, and videos to differentiate his brand from others.

“A long but fulfilled order. We never got tired of constant conversation because that’s how we achieve a successful result. Excited to work with Kangjian Sanitaryware again!”

Place :DIY store in South America
Project Duration (day) : 55 days
Total Cost ($): $210,000
One-stop Shopping: shower door、shower tray、smart toilet、 basin mixer、shower set
Place : Camana Bay,Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Project Duration (day) : 30 days
Shower Enclosure Quantity (set) :270 sets
Shower Enclosure Types: walk in shower door

Hotel Shower Project in Cayman Islands

Mr. Richard partnered with a hotel group owner in the Cayman Islands, and he was looking for a qualified manufacturer in China. It was his first project related to shower enclosures.

As a freshman dealing with shower enclosures, Mr.Richard knew very little. He was worried about whether Kangjian Sanitaryware was a trustworthy and qualified supplier.

We scheduled a time for an online visiting, showing Mr. Richard our workshops, business licenses, and other certifications. Previous project details were also presented to earn his trust. Also, he had questions about our packaging, but after watching directly how we packed and tested the shower doors, he was relieved.

Mr. Richard felt happy to know us more.

After getting more details about us, Mr. Richard decided to make an order. As required, our engineers and designers managed to present Mr. Richard with a satisfying 3D drawing. To cut his overall expense, we checked and quote Mr. Richard the most reasonable delivery price.

“Considerate shower door supplier. Quick prototyping. Kangjian Sanitaryware saves both my time and expense. A good partner.”

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