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Kangjian Sanitaryware manufactures shower trays in all kinds of shapes and sizes to make them compatible with your bathroom. We create custom shower trays beyond your expectation.



Shower Tray

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A broad range of shower tray models for selection. Different materials, dimensions, and shapes are available for customization.
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Design Overview

1、Slip Resistant Surface Pattern

Various anti-skid texture surface reduces the chance of falling on the floor, which also improves safety.

2、1 inch Intergrated Tile Flanges

Fit well to the wall. No water leakage and helps reduce the splashes.

3、Unobstructed Water Flow

Slope design around the drain, allowing the free and quick flow of water. No residue.

4、Thick Base and High Bearing Capacity

Basically, the thickness of our shower bases ranges from 100mm to 140mm, and they can withstand around 300 kg.

Effortlessly Bring Your Ideas to Life

Various Materials to Select from

Build the shower tray any way you expect. Select the right base material to fit well with your bathroom style. Choose the color you find most compatible to value up your bathroom.

Diverse Shapes & Sizes Imaginable

Mold making makes almost every shape and size possible. You can send us a drawing or describe your ideas. Free 3D prototyping can be offered for your reference.

Meticulous Tests for Shower Tray

Three major tests will be taken on each shower tray to make sure its quality is ideal.

Drainage Test

Install the tray vertically and fill it with water. Then drain the water, and there's no water residue on the surface of the bottom.

Steel Ball Drop Test

Drop a steel ball (37mm in diameter, 0.2kg in weight) from the height of 1m to the basin surface, and there will be no deformation and damage.

Pressure Test

Load a subject weight 150kg in the middle of the bottom of the shower tray for 10 minutes, and there's no sign of permanent deformation or other flaws.

Types of Shower Tray

Acrylic Shower Base

Acrylic Shower Pan

Acrylic shower pans are pre-formed, molded shower bases made from acrylic materials. They are designed to provide a smooth and durable surface for showering.

Acrylic shower pans are typically made from sheets of acrylic that are reinforced with fiberglass for added strength and durability.


Acrylic shower pans are relatively lightweight, making them easier to handle and install compared to other materials.

Easy to Clean

The non-porous surface of acrylic is resistant to stains and can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water.

Aesthetic Options

Acrylic shower pans are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors, providing versatility to match different bathroom designs.


Acrylic shower pans tend to be more cost-effective compared to other materials like tile or stone, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious remodeling projects.

SMC Shower Base

SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) shower bases are solid, non-flexible shower bases made from a combination of fibers, fillers, and a resin matrix.

SMC shower bases are manufactured from a composite material comprised of fiberglass, polyester resin, and other additives. The result is a sturdy and rigid shower base.


SMC shower bases are known for their strength, durability, and resistance to cracking, chipping, and fading.

Easy Installation

SMC bases are designed for straightforward installation and often come with built-in leveling systems and pre-drilled drain holes.

Low Maintenance

The non-porous surface of SMC shower bases makes them resistant to staining and easy to clean. They require minimal maintenance.

Design Options

SMC shower bases are available in different sizes and shapes to accommodate various shower configurations and bathroom layouts.

SMC shower tray

How to Get Shower Tray White Again?

a white shower tray

1. Gather Supplies: Get mild abrasive cleaner/baking soda, white vinegar, sponge/soft cloth, non-abrasive scrub brush, and water.

2. Prepare Surface: Remove debris and rinse the shower tray with water.

3. Apply Cleaning Solution: Use baking soda paste or mild abrasive cleaner on stained areas.

4. Scrub Gently: Use non-abrasive brush/sponge/cloth to scrub in circles, focusing on tough stains.

5. Use Vinegar Solution: Apply vinegar/water solution to stubborn stains, let sit, and scrub again.

6. Rinse Thoroughly: Rinse shower tray with clean water to remove all product residue.

7. Dry and Finish: Dry tray with cloth/sponge, check for any touch-ups or additional cleaning.