Custom Shower Cabin

Our shower cabins come with back panels with enclosing all together the glass panels, creating a comparatively independent shower. Leave the splashes inside the shower.



Shower Cabin


Shower Cabin

Explore Independant Shower Cabin

Browse our shower cabins in all shapes. They come with aluminum frames, more stable and safer, and are more water-tight.
Thickness (mm):4mm
Thickness (mm):4mm
Thickness (mm):6mm

Design Overview

1、Large Vent

A large opening at the top enables a freer flow of air and does not cause suffocation, which improves safety.

2、Tempered Glass Back Panels

Our shower cabin usually includes thinner back wall glasses and thicker front ones, thus the shower space is kept independent. No water stain on the wall. Economical combination.

3、Rust-free Alumnium Frames

Tempered glass shower cabins come with aluminum frames has enhanced stability in structure. Frames can come in a diversity of finishes to differentiate your brands from others.

4、Independent Modern Shower Space

Independent shower cabin keeps the overall bathroom space clean and more attracting to your customers in the long term.

Effortlessly Bring Your Ideas to Life

Diverse Shapes & Sizes Imaginable

Mold making makes almost every shape and size possible. You can send us a drawing or describe your ideas. Free 3D prototyping can be offered for your reference.

Custom Accessory Designs

Flexible designs from the inside and outside extend possibilities. You can custom-make shower cabins the way you expect, with accessories included, such as shower splash and shower pan.

Why Choosing the Shower Cabin ?


Shower cabins can be installed in even the smallest of bathrooms, making them an excellent space-saving solution.

Easy Installation

Unlike traditional showers, shower cabins can be installed quickly and easily without the hassle of tile or grout work.

Increased Privacy

Shower cabins offer increased privacy, as they are fully enclosed and typically come with frosted or tinted glass.

Enhanced Safety

Many shower cabins come with non-slip flooring and sturdy handrails, making them a safer option for those who may have mobility issues or balance problems.

Aesthetic Appeal

Shower cabins come in a wide range of styles and designs, making them a great choice for those looking to add a sleek and modern look to their bathroom.

How to Choose the Right Shower Cabin?

1. Determine the size

Measure the available space in your bathroom to determine the appropriate size for your shower cabin. Take into consideration factors such as the size of the room, placement of other fixtures, and ease of access.

2. Consider the shape

Shower cabins come in a variety of shapes, including square, rectangular, and quadrant. Choose a shape that maximizes space and fits well with the overall design of your bathroom.

3. Choose the right door

Shower cabins come with a variety of door options, including sliding doors, hinged doors, and bi-fold doors. Choose a door that complements the design of your bathroom and is easy to operate.

4. Decide on installation option

Shower cabins can be freestanding or installed against a wall. Consider which option works best for your bathroom layout and design.

5. Set a budget

Shower cabins can vary widely in price, so determine a budget early on and look for options that fit within your price range and choose a reliable shower cabin manufacturer.

Shower Cabin vs. Sliding Shower Door vs. Pivot Shower Door

FeatureShower CabinSliding Shower DoorPivot Shower Door
Space RequiredRequires less space as it is a self-contained unitRequires space for the door to slide open and closedRequires space for the door to swing open and closed
CustomizationCan be customized to fit individual needs and preferencesLimited customization optionsLimited customization options
MaintenanceRequires regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent mold and mildewRequires regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent mold and mildewRequires regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent mold and mildew
AdvantagesProvides a full showering experience with high walls and a door that prevents water from splashing outsideRequires less space than a shower cabin, is easy to slide open and close, and is available in a variety of designsOffers a wide entryway for easy access, adds a sleek and modern look to a bathroom, and is often less expensive than a shower cabin
DisadvantagesCan take up a lot of space in a bathroom and may be expensiveThe tracks can accumulate dirt and soap scum, which can be difficult to cleanRequires a bit more space than a sliding shower door, and water can easily splash outside if the door isn’t closed properly