Stylish Bath Shower Screen

Kangjian Sanitaryware also supplies a shower door for the bathtub. Opening styles, hardware finish, and size are customizable to fit the bath space.



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Mampara de ducha de baño

Custom-made Bath Shower Screen

Have a look at our bath shower screen with distinct designs, each of which is built to perfectly fit the specifications of tubs.
Espesor (milímetro):8milímetro/10 mm
Espesor (milímetro):5mm/6mm
Espesor (milímetro):5/6milímetro

Adaptable Opening Styles for Bath

Build shower doors the way you expect. Panels, estilos de apertura, tipos de vidrio, etc.. are selectable to fit your budget.

Pivot Bath Shower Screen

Premium stainless steel hardware and thick tempered glass. Functional towel bar.

Pivot Hinged Bath Shower Screen

Stable stainless steel pivot and foldable hinges. Watertight seals.

Sliding Bath Shower Doors

Independent bath space. Rust-free header and hardware. Low-noise rollers.

Funciones confiables que fomentan los negocios

Spacious & Airy Vision

Transparent tempered glass panels don't impair visibility in the room. Shower places feel more spacious.

Watertight & Safe

Shower doors on the tub enhance safety, especially for elder customers. The glasses come with waterproof PVC sweeps to retain the splashes in the tub.

Broad Custom Options

The bath shower enclosures can be custom-built to exactly fit the tub's specifications.

High Thermal Tolerance

Toughened glasses applied to bath shower enclosures endure high temperatures, which is a fit for long-time bathing.

Types of Shower Doors for Tubs

Puerta corrediza de bañera

Puerta corrediza de bañera

Sliding doors are a popular choice for tubs, especially in smaller bathrooms or where space is limited.


Ahorro de espacio

Sliding bathtub doors do not require clearance space for swinging open, making them ideal for bathrooms with limited space.

Easy access

They provide convenient access to the tub, as one panel slides behind the other, creating a wide opening.

Versatile design options

Sliding bathtub doors are available in various styles, acabados, and configurations, offering great flexibility to match different bathroom aesthetics.

Ease of maintenance

Sliding bathtub doors have fewer components to clean and often have smooth surfaces, making it easier to keep them clean and free from dirt, grime, and soap scum.

Hinge Bathtub Door

Hinge Bathtub Door

Hinge bathtub doors are hinged at one side, allowing them to swing open and closed.


Wide entry access

Hinge bathtub doors provide a wider entry opening compared to sliding doors, allowing for easy access to the bathtub.

Sturdy and durable

Hinge tub doors are often designed to be sturdy and durable, providing long-lasting use and reliability.

Design flexibility

Hinge bathtub doors come in a variety of designs, allowing for customization to match the bathroom decor.

Enhanced seal

Hinge tub doors can have better sealing mechanisms compared to sliding doors, minimizing water leakage.

Pivot Bathtub Door

Pivot Bathtub Door

Pivot bathtub doors are mounted on a pivot hinge, typically located at the top and bottom of the door.


Stylish and modern look

Pivot bathtub doors offer a sleek and contemporary appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.

Wider entry opening

Similar to hinge tub doors, pivot bathtub doors provide a wider entry opening, allowing for easy access to the tub.

Adjustable pivot hinge

Some pivot bathtub doors come with adjustable pivot hinges, allowing for precise fitting and alignment on uneven surfaces.


Pivot tub doors require less clearance space than hinged doors, making them suitable for smaller bathrooms or tight spaces.

Cómo Instalar a Shower Door on Tub

curved panel bathtub door

1. Measure and Prepare: Gather tools and materials. Measure the tub opening.

2. Choose Door Type: Select preferred door type (sliding, hinged, pivot).

3. Install Bottom Track/Threshold: Follow instructions to secure bottom track/threshold.

4. Attach Side Jambs/Tracks: Install the side jambs or tracks according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Mount Door Panels: Attach door panels to jambs/tracks, ensuring level alignment.

6. Adjust and Secure Door: Make adjustments for fit and tighten screws.

7. Install Seals and Hardware: Place seals/gaskets and install additional hardware.

8. Check Operation: Test door for smooth movement and make adjustments if needed.

9. Caulk and Seal: Apply waterproof caulk/silicone along door edges, tub, and walls.