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Single panel glass shower screen is popular among modern homes. KJBath has been working humbly and passionately with contractors and global suppliers to provide glass and accessories to create excellent shower experience. Feel free to explore our innovative single panel shower screen solutions.

Single Panel Glass Shower Screens by KJBath

KJBath offers flexible single-panel shower screens & enclosures for residential and commercial units, covering standing shower & bathtub settings. For every client, we provide tailored solutions for their projects.

Single Frameless Panel for Bathtub

Single Frameless Panel for Shower

Single Framed Panel for Bathtub

Single Framed Panel for Shower

Single Panel Glass Shower Door

Key Advantages of Single Glass Panel Shower Enclosures

FAQ on Single Panel Shower Screen

1. How is a single panel glass shower screen installed?

Installing a single panel glass shower screen typically involves attaching metal brackets to the wall or floor, against which the glass panel is secured. The panel is positioned and then sealed with silicone to ensure a watertight fit. It’s important to hire a professional to ensure proper installation and avoid any potential issues.

2. Can a single panel glass shower screen be custom-made?

Absolutely! One of the advantages of single panel glass shower screens is their versatility. They can be custom-made to fit any bathroom size or design preference. Customization options include choosing the thickness of the glass, the hardware finishes, and adding patterns or textures to the glass for a personalized touch.

3. Can a single panel glass shower screen be replaced easily?

Sí, if the need arises, a single panel glass shower screen can be replaced relatively easily. However, it is essential to consult a professional for accurate measurements and to ensure a proper fit. Replacement panels can be ordered, and the installation process is similar to the initial installation, with brackets and silicone used to secure the new panel in place.

4. Can a single panel glass shower screen be used in corners?

Sí, single panel glass shower screens can be used in corner shower enclosures. These screens are designed to fit various configurations, including corner installations. You can choose between fixed screens or hinged panels that enable easy access. Custom options are available for uniquely shaped or angled corner showers.