Porte de douche encadrée

Economical and more traditional choice. Kangjian Sanitaryware applies the qualified aluminum alloys for frames, adding stability and durability for the shower enclosures.



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Porte de douche encadrée

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Kangjian supplies all kinds of rust-free framed shower enclosures. Following your needs, a variety of popular hardware finishes are offered.
Épaisseur (millimètre):8millimètre、10millimètre
Épaisseur (millimètre):6millimètre
Largeur:Sur mesure
Épaisseur (millimètre):6millimètre/10mm
Épaisseur (millimètre):6millimètre
Épaisseur (millimètre):8millimètre/10mm

Reliable Qualities that
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Compared to frameless shower enclosures, 6mm framed shower doors are favored by customers. They're thinner than the frameless ones and thus more affordable.

Diverse Frame Options

Employing stainless steel and aluminum as source materials frames, you can choose a variety of hardware finishes to spice up the shower enclosures.

Safer & More Stable Structure

Complete toughened glasses have been certified by CE, CCC, SGCC, etc.. Frames made of aluminum and stainless steel are more structurally safe.

Keep in More Water

Shower doors with frames are less likely to leak. They contain a track that traps water. A framed glass door's watertight construction keeps shower spray inside the shower.

Framed vs. Porte de douche sans cadre

a sliding framed shower door

Porte de douche encadrée

A framed shower door features a metal frame that encloses the glass panels, providing stability and support while offering a classic aesthetic.


Sturdiness and Durability

Framed shower doors are typically constructed with metal frames, providing robustness and long-lasting durability.


Framed doors are generally more budget-friendly compared to frameless options.

Increased Water Containment

The frame of a framed shower door helps contain water, reducing the chances of leakage or water seeping outside the shower area.


Visual Bulk

The metal framing of a framed shower door can create a visual barrier, potentially making a bathroom feel smaller or more confined.

Limited Design Options

Framed shower doors may have limited design options due to the presence of the frame, which can impact the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.

Maintenance Challenges

The metal frame can accumulate soap scum and grime, requiring more effort and time for cleaning and maintenance.

frameless sliding shower door

Porte de douche sans cadre

A frameless shower door offers a sleek and modern and minimalist design with glass panels that are seamlessly connected without a visible metal frame.


Sleek and Modern Look

Frameless shower doors offer a minimalist and contemporary appearance, enhancing the visual appeal of the bathroom and creating a sense of spaciousness.

Easy Maintenance

Frameless doors have fewer crevices and edges for dirt and soap scum to accumulate, making them easier to clean and maintain.

Versatile Design Options

Frameless doors provide more design flexibility, allowing customization in terms of glass thickness, hardware selection, and handle styles.


Higher Cost

Frameless shower doors tend to be more expensive than framed doors due to the use of thicker, tempered glass and additional hardware.

Water Splashing

Frameless doors may have a smaller water barrier compared to framed doors, which can result in minor water splashing outside the shower area.

Installation Challenges

Frameless doors require precise installation to ensure proper alignment and sealing, making professional installation necessary in many cases.