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Kangjian Sanitaryware supplies certified tempered glass shower enclosures, designing and building modern and stylish shower spaces. Bulk orders are welcome. A large container (40HQ) is accessible.

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Our Capabilities

Research & Discovery

A great team never rushes into results. Kangjian Sanitaryware does research on site selections, marketing planning, budgeting and branding. These steps helps our clients’ optimize their project.

For Engineers

For Wholesalers

One-stop Solution to Back Up Your Project

How do I get my ideal products?

1) Email us and detail your needs, including pics, specs, the latest offer, and so on.

2) Sample ordering for quality test or further purchase.

How do you ship the goods?

1) For full containers, we arrange delivery by sea.

2) For sample orders, we arrange door-to-door delivery by air.

3) Multiple shipment methods to cut the cost.

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    *We respect your confidentiality and all information is protected.

    Purpose-build every shower door for your projects

    Glass Types
    Hardware Finishes
    Spare Parts


    Plan and design the right shower enclosure for your space. Customize the quantity and
    style of doors & panels any way you expect.


    Any space, any shape you can imagine to fit shower spaces.

    Glass Types

    Limitless possibilities for tempered glass type selections. You can go with simple clear
    tempered glass, as well as glasses with different texture designs.

    Hardware Finishes

    Popular finishes for shower enclosure hardware, including hinges and clips, doorknobs or handles, etc. Simple yet
    beautiful hardware finishes add uniqueness to your shower enclosures.

    Hinges & Clips

    Adjustable stainless steel hinges and clips can come in a range of
    finishes and functions on your demands.

    Handles & Door Knobs

    Stainless steel and functional handles and door knobs. Durable and free of corrosion.
    Various finishes and styles are available for selection.

    Shower Door Seals

    Depending on how the custom shower doors are set up, our seals and sweeps come in a
    variety of sizes and designs.

    Tough & Adaptable Tempered Glass Ensures Performance


    Complete tempered glass, with a very low explosion rate that is less than one in 10000. An explosion-proof film can be added to double enhance the safety.

    High Bearing Capacity

    Our tempered glass can withstand 350 kg of weight, shows good bending resistance, and is thus very flexible in shape building.

    High Temperature Tolerance

    No breaking or explosion under long-term usage of high-temperature difference.

    Meticulous Packaging for Each Order

    Your orders are well taken care of before delivery. Feel assured to receive your shower enclosures safe and sound.

    Frames & Hardware Packaging

    Frames and hardware are carefully kept in foam wraps to avoid potential scratches, collisions, and stains.

    Tempered Glass Door Packaging

    Each corner of the tempered glass is well protected against bumping by thick foam wraps. An explosion-proof film can be added to your demands.

    Enhanced Carton Packaging

    Tempered glasses & accessories are packed with 5-layer corrugated carton stuffed with foams. Strong plastic belts outside the carton enhances stability.


    Bulk Delivery

    All your goods will be packed and fixed with planks in well-arranged order. Pallet and plywood boxes are available.
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    About Us

    Your Trustworthy Shower Door Manufacturer Since 1999  

    Practical Project Experience

    We’ve so far worked with clients from more than 190 countries, such as north America, EU, etc. This drives us to further and better understand our client’s needs.

    Innovative R&D Support & Stringent Quality Control

    Considerate certifications for each of our products. Every shower door you receive has gone under stringent quality tests before sending to you.

    Stable Supply Chain Accelerates Bulk Production

    Raw materials define the very quality from the beginning. Cooperating with trustworthy and qualified suppliers, our annual yield has reached 220,000+.

    Get Inspired By KJ Bath's Successful Solutions

    Our Clients Trust Us

    Kangjian participates in a variety of international exhibitions and engages in deep communication with our peers and clients for latest ideas of our shower products.

    Top-notched Brands from Home and Abroad Trust Our Work

    Simple Steps to Speed Up Your Shower Door Business

    Step 1 :

    Clarify your needs with our consultants

    Step 2 :

    Free 3D prototyping present you the most close-to-life details

    Step 3 :

    Bulk production with sample confirmed

    Step 4 :

    Online assistance for installation and troubleshooting

    Request A Proposal

    Show us what you expect on shower enclosures. Our expert team will create a simple & suitable solution customized to your project.