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what is bath panels & screens

Bath panels & screens are essential components in a bathroom that enhance functionality and add aesthetic appeal. Bath panels are the side panels that enclose the visible part of a bath, concealing unsightly pipework and offering a cohesive look. Screens, on the other hand, are transparent partitions that prevent water from splashing onto the floor while showering in a bath. These accessories provide a polished finish to the overall bathroom design. Bath panels & screens offer practicality, privacy, and style, making them indispensable elements for a modern and well-designed bathroom.

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Why choose us for bath panels & screens

Shower cabins can be installed in even the smallest of bathrooms, making them an excellent space-saving solution.

Unlike traditional showers, shower cabins can be installed quickly and easily without the hassle of tile or grout work.

Shower cabins offer increased privacy, as they are fully enclosed and typically come with frosted or tinted glass.

Many shower cabins come with non-slip flooring and sturdy handrails, making them a safer option for those who may have mobility issues or balance problems.

Shower cabins come in a wide range of styles and designs, making them a great choice for those looking to add a sleek and modern look to their bathroom.

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FAQ on bath panels & screens

shower door customization

What are bath panels and screens?

Bath panels are decorative panels that are used to cover the exposed sides of a bathtub, providing a neat and finished appearance. They also help to protect the structure of the bathtub. Bath screens, on the other hand, are transparent or semi-transparent panels that are used to prevent water from splashing out of the bath while showering.

What materials are bath panels and screens usually made of?

Bath panels are commonly made of materials like acrylic, MDF (medium-density fiberboard), or wood. These materials are durable, easy to clean, and come in various styles and finishes to match different bathroom decors. Bath screens, on the other hand, are typically made of toughened safety glass, which is sturdy and resistant to shattering, providing a safe enclosure.

Can bath panels and screens be customized to fit my bath?

Yes, many bath panels and screens can be customized to fit specific bath shapes and sizes. Some manufacturers offer adjustable panels that can be trimmed or extended to match the dimensions of your bath. It is advisable to check the product details or consult with the manufacturer to ensure compatibility and proper fit. Customizable options provide flexibility when dealing with non-standard or uniquely shaped baths.